Nevada Hard 2 Guard Team
Nevada Hard 2 Guard Team

Nevada H2G Basketball

The Nevada H2G basketball program is focused on teaching and training the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on preparing student athletes for the next level of play in high school and college. We provide year round basketball instruction and experience for children between the ages of 6 - 18 and are commited to the development and empowerment of future leaders/athletes by using basketball as a tool to improve health and fitness, excel in academics, develop life skills and values, and to become well rounded productive citizens in society.


Nevada H2G assists in providing our players with educational resources and support such as tutors and mentors, who assist in leading our athletes to be more competitive and marketable for scholarship opportunities. By competing in high profile basketball tournaments, located in cities throughout the U.S., our teams gain valuable exposure to college coaches and recruiters, thus making scholarship opportunities available to our players.




Nevada H2G knows that to be an asset to the community we serve we have to be a program that is well rounded. "We play for Ships Championships and Scholarships" That's why in addition to the numerous Championship our teams have won we are more proud of the Scholarships our student athletes have earned. Since the start of Nevada H2G in 2008, our program has assisted in 80 young men and women attending college. This does not include 5 student atheletes who decided to go to school on academic scholarships.



Nevada H2G basketball program believes in order to do extremely well, an athlete must display commitment, responsibility, loyalty and trust both on and off the court. While developing their basketball skills, we teach our players the concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship and a winning attitude in sports and in life.



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